Mijn wedergeboorte

Plat lag ik op Moeder Aarde en kon het verdriet en de tranen niet meer bedwingen. Ik merkte hoe een deel van me zei flink te zijn: ‘stel je niet zo aan!’ Een ander deel maakte dat ik het toe liet en dacht: “Ik zou vaker languit op de Aarde moeten gaan liggen”.
Terwijl een wervelende strijd van emotionele pijn, verdriet en machteloosheid in mij woedde, voelde ik tegelijkertijd een soort verlicht gevoel alsof ik onder die storm van negatieve krachten uit ‘zakte’. … More Mijn wedergeboorte

Ostara …. My Rebirth

In the week before Easter, this event felt to me as if it was Me who had crouched down and carried my cross to Galgota. Also, there was a sense of rebirth in me…

I had been struggling for a few days with shadow sides in myself that I kept running into. A self-guided soul journey with quantum healing techniques gave me insight, light in the darkness and a good feeling. It is not a complicated physical reaction to expect that light attracts darkness. Especially in a world where thoughts in their energy are immediately converted and manifested of which we are sometimes not even aware.
The darkness that came my way in the guise of a criminal money-hunting company, which demanded a large sum of money from me following a situation more than 10 years ago. In my naive belief that I had my affairs in order, I had brushed aside previous correspondence from this club. This time it was serious! So much so, that I was in danger of losing my house.
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“When your Pathway is paved with petals kissing your feet..When the blossoms of the trees caress your cheeks..When the bees whisper lovingly in your ear..When the branches create a gate for you … as if the door of heaven is near..That moment is Paradise!Paradise is not a place … it is a spiritual state of … More Paradise

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

In his book “The Republic” Plato wrote this metaphor that clarifies how much people think “in the box”. It is so safe to hold on to the cold, relative security of given frames.

Do you think that life now, and let’s take a closer look at the spiritual life NOW, is different from the life of the chained in Plato’s cave?
NO! It is exactly the same!

Are you one of the prisoners or are you someone who “sees” things differently? Are you someone who sees things as they really are?

With a huge dose of unconditional Love I invite everyone to follow me … get rid of the chains that are redundant and step into the Light with me.

I will hold your hand all the Way

Lots of Love

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